55. Sex, Kink, & Ethical Non-Monogamy w/Christine Falconer, LCSW


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In this juicy jaw-dropper, we are joined by Christine Falconer, LCSW, to talk about all the salacious and taboo sex stuff that once would have sent us running to the bishop's office for even thinking about.
Among other things, we discuss:

  • Polyamory
  • Ethical Non-Monogamy
  • Kink
  • BDSM
  • ...and More!

Light some candles, draw a bath, and pour yourself a generous glass of wine. We think you'll enjoy this one!
About Christine
Christine Falconer, LCSW and sex therapist specializing in working with clients who practice ethical non-monogamy, kink, and are LGBTQIA+. Located in Northern California and online at TiesThatBindCounseling.com

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