50: Exploring the Akashic Records w/ Kimber Tiernan


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We saved a big one for our 50th episode! Come along for the ride as we journey into the Akashic Records with Kimber Tiernan...
Akasha is a Sanskrit word that means ether, primary or primordial substance out of which everything is formed. It surrounds us in entirety. Akashic records, or Book of Life as referred to by some, is multi-dimensional library of light wherein all the information and wisdom pertaining to each and every soul ever incarnated is encoded in light. The Akashic Records are a level of consciousness that contains the energetic blueprint of everything that has happened, everything that is happening, and everything that possibly could happen. The records tell the story of your soul’s journey through space and time.
For most of her life, Kimber felt more at home in the angelic realms and had a deep connection to the other worlds. She learned very early that she could leave her body and explore other dimensions. To Kimber, imagination was real.
In 1999, she had a shattering, heart-center awakening that led her on a necessary journey to uncover and heal all parts of herself that didn’t feel at home on this earthly plane. Through this deep healing work, she learned to bring the dark aspects of this existence to the light. She began to see herself as a part of God experiencing each emotion (such as pain, separation, insecurity, abandonment, etc.) in order to transmute the feeling into love. She also realized an encompassing love of this earth, Mama Gaia, and the gifts we receive from co-creating in this world.
In the process of healing herself and manifesting the life she wanted, her intuitive and healing gifts were illuminated even more and she knew her purpose was to be a light to others on this path.
Kimber is a magical being with a powerful story. Can't wait for you to listen!
For more info, or to book a healing session with Kimber, visit kimbertiernan.com

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