47: A Little More Love for Weed w/ Nicki Wharton & Marshall Lamm


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Let's talk weed! More specifically weed-assisted therapy. We're thrilled to be joined by two practitioners and experts on the subject, Nicki Warton and Marshall Lamm.
We chat about the role of cannibas in trauma healing and the approach of Psychedelic Somatic Interaction (PSI) Psycotherapy.
Such a fascinating and entertaining discussion with two magical beings who are doing amazing work! Can't wait for you to listen
About Nicki
Nicki Wharton is an LCSW in private practice in Salt Lake City. She is a trauma-informed therapist who is passionate about plant and fungi medicines and their ability to facilitate healing. Nicki currently uses Psychedelic Somatic Interaction (PSI) Psychotherapy in her practice, with cannabis being used as the psychedelic. She has seen how cannabis, when used within safety of the therapeutic relationship, allows clients to explore and release trauma that has been stored in their bodies. Nicki is more hopeful than ever for the field of mental health.
About Marshall
Marshall Lamm is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor with a master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling and is the owner of LifeWorks Counseling. Marshall is a dynamic counselor who forms powerful relationships with his clients and makes the therapeutic process positive and enjoyable, and at the same time, he is intuitive, competent, and compassionate in response to deep emotional pain and struggle.

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