1523: The Dark Side of Young Mormon Marriage - Chandler Roberson Pt. 2


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Chandler Roberson was raised as a devout Mormon, and always wanted to be the best Mormon she could be. In her teenage years Chandler had a few abusive relationships with Mormon boys, where she felt forced to “repent” for “sins” she never committed. Her senior year Chandler felt pressured to break up with a non-LDS boy whom she genuinely loved, and to attend BYU-Idaho to follow the ideal Mormon path.

While at BYU-Idaho Chandler was sexually assaulted by her Family Home Evening “brother,” which led to her leaving BYU-Idaho early, ultimately attempting to serve an LDS mission with untreated PTSD (returning home early).

Chandler eventually became a nationally-known fashion blogger at “Days of Chandler.” Later, Chandler attempted two young LDS temple marriages, both of which ended in divorce. In her view, she was too young to attempt marriage, but felt intense pressure from LDS Church members to marry young.

This is Chandler’s story. Major themes include:

- Pressure to be a “good Mormon girl” (all on women’s shoulders)

- BYU-Idaho (dating/sexism, sexual assault problem at BYU schools)

- Fashion Blogging (similar pressure to be a certain way – inauthentic/beautiful)

- Personal impacts of being raised in the church ( codependency, sexual shame, etc)

- Pressure to get married (twice).

We are super grateful to have Samantha Shelley (Zelph on the Shelf) as co-host for this interview.

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