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Welcome to “More To It” a show that takes a deep dive into the biggest topics in sports, entertainment, and culture. The journey begins with headline news which leads to deeper discussions about life lessons that are presented in every story. In every episode we tackle subjects and issues beyond the public’s perception & narrative in desire of new discovery about the stories & ourselves. Hosted by Marcellus Wiley, an outlier who defied the odds to go from Compton to the Ivy League and then played ten years as an All-Pro Defensive End in the NFL. This is not your typical sports show; with topics ranging from the social ills that surround us all, to the character building that occurs from overcoming adversity. You’ll get inspired hearing stories that highlight the growing pains that fuels anyone on a successful journey. You will be encouraged to hear your heroes humanized, emphasizing the shared inner greatness that we all possess. You will leave every episode with a greater understanding that no matter the story, person, or outcome, there is always “More To It!”

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