Unmasked Moms: How to Break Free from Generational Curses w/ Ashley Ates


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"Sometimes you have to grieve the relationship and let it go". Today Ashley Ates joins me to talk all about letting go of toxic and/or unhealthy relationships so you can grow and reach your potential in life. Ashley "the Pusher" Ates shared her story and life lessons from a place of vulnerability, transparency, and openness. She kept it real. Ashley shares her own struggles with relationships in her life, the things she learned, and how you can continue to grow no matter your obstacles.

In this episode, Ashley shares:

  • why you need to let go of toxic relationships
  • how "going with the flow" is not always the best solution in life
  • how necessary it is to get to the root of your issues in order to heal and grow
  • understanding and dealing with strained parent relationships as an adult
  • how to not only leave a legacy but live your legacy right now

About Ashley

Ashley Ates is woman of specific words that heal. A mother of 2 world changing boys, a mentor, entrepreneur, Intercessor, teacher, but most of all servant. She enjoys cooking, shopping, reading, and freeing as many women as she comes across.

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