How To Stop Sacrificing Everything and Start Taking Care of Yourself w/Chari Twitty-Hawkins


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Why do moms feel we have to sacrifice ourselves in order to be great moms? Why do we think that if we pursue our dreams then that makes us a bad mom or selfish?

We are so tuned into our family and their needs that we skip basics like enjoying a shower or putting lotion on our bodies. Crazy, right? I know it sounds crazy when you read it, but this is the reality we face every day.

My guest today, Chari Twitty-Hawkins is a twin mom and she is all about self-care for moms. Chari is a self-care mom coach who helps moms make themselves a priority by embracing self-care and growth and in this episode, she is doing just that.

Today Chari share:

  • how self-care starts with a mindset shift
  • how positive affirmations are a great first step to self-care
  • why moms need to stop sacrificing everything for family
  • how communicating your needs is key to better self-care
  • how you need to prioritize your time in order to take better care of yourself


30 Day Self Care Calendar

Self-Care Affirmations for Moms

Positive Powerful Affirmation Cards

About Chari

Chari Twitty-Hawkins helps moms make themselves a priority by practicing self-love and self-care so that they can live their unique God-given purpose! She is a speaker, poet, author of Self Care Affirmations for Moms. Chari is a praying mother and wife who resides in Texas.

"Being more than a mom means being in touch with who you are as a woman. Knowing your hopes, dreams, characteristics, strengths, limitations, and working intentionally to become the best version of the woman that God created in you!"-Chari

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