How to Find Peace & Have a Successful Marriage w/ Ariel Harper


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My special guest today is Mrs. Ariel Harper, also known as The Wife Advisor. Ariel teaches women and wives how to be godly wives and have successful marriages.

I love how Ariel empowers women to not only walk in their wifehood and momhood, but also their womanhood. Ariel reminds us all that outside of our roles as "wife" and "mom", we are women first.

In this episode, Ariel shares:

  • how marriage requires work and it's not a fairy tale
  • the benefit of counseling before you get married
  • how you need to check yourself and check your heart
  • how "we need to talk" is not the way to start a conversation
  • how communication is one of the keys to a successful marriage

About Ariel

Ariel Harper, better known as The Wife Advisor, is a wife of 6 years and a mother to 3 beautiful children teaches and equips women and wives on how to have successful marriages that please God. As a certified Wife Coach, she does this by edifying women with tools on how to communicate about family issues, careers, intimacy, etc. Mrs. Ariel Harper is the wife that every other wife goes to when she wants to have better communication and to stop having arguments that end up with her thinking about divorce. She helps you develop the skills, mindset to talk to your mate about anything.

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Mentioned in this episode:

We Need to Talk: A Guide to Effective Communication for Every Topic In Your Relationship

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