How to Overcome Working Mom Burnout and Pursue Your Dreams w/ Jess Johnson


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These days the hustle culture is idolized. People wear "being busy" as a badge of honor. Well, I've said it once and I'll say it again, busyness is not life. Staying in a state of busyness leaves you nothing but stressed, overwhelmed, and miserable.

In case you don't believe me, my guest today is very familiar with life in the fast lane. Jess Johnson, knows all about the hustle culture, and specifically the corporate hustle. Late nights, early mornings, overworked, and missing out on important moments with her kids, Jess knew things had to change.

In today's episode, Jess shares:

  • why she quit her corporate job during the pandemic
  • how she changed her mindset from "what if I fail?" to "what if I fly?"
  • why you don't need permission to pursue your dreams
  • why you have to stop letting fear dictate your life and take the leap of faith
  • the makings of a business in the early stages

Jess Johnson is a personal & business coach who teaches, trains, and guides women in business through life-changing mindset shifts that allow them to align their unique purpose so they can thrive.

**This episode was recorded before Jess officially launched her services. Connect with Jess to learn all about her current services and offers

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