282 Why Women Continue to Earn Less Than Men - Annabelle Williams, Author of Why Women Are Poorer Than Men and Financial Journalist


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For years the conversation around women and wealth has centred on the gender pay gap in the workforce, but is that really the only reason why women are earning significantly less than men? Today’s guest is here to answer that question and give amazing insight into why women are statistically the poorer sex. joins me today from the United Kingdom and is a financial journalist and newly published author. Annabelle has had two weekly columns in The Times of London and has recently released her first book, , which explores the inequality in money and wealth between the sexes. It includes examples from all over the world including large sections focused on North America. Annabelle gave such amazing hard-hitting facts and statistics on why women have historically been unable to attain the same wealth as men. We talked about several topics that are more thoroughly discussed in her new book, but topics covered today include why women are often the ones paying more for things because of societal pressures and norms that men don’t have to contend with and how ownership and leadership roles are two of the biggest factors in the pay gap. For full episode show notes visit https://jessicamoorhouse.com/282

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