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This week, MTO Presents the first episode of Vigil, a superhero audio fiction thriller in 10 parts. See for the episode transcript.

Intro Transcript: (music is Discovery by Scott Buckley

Hi, friends - we're here in between release weeks to introduce you to another podcast we really enjoy, and hope you will too. This time, it's the superhero story Vigil.

Vigil is a really unique addition to the genre, it's as much an investigative thriller as an action-adventure ... there's definitely adventure and challenge in there, but it's a report on the life and career of a recently deceased "support hero," someone who acted more behind the scenes with powers that weren't as flashy and muscle-y as you'd see in a Marvel movie. Vigil's expertise was more intellectual and strategic, and through the records being exposed on the show, we get to see how that expertise grew and integrated with the other heroes he supported ... and that's where we get into the adventure, and the action, and it all comes together from a perspective you definitely haven't seen in other superhero tales.

It's also a different world from what you've seen in comic book movies and TV up to now - in Vigil, superhero conglomerates have taken charge of the health and safety of the general population, tangled up in their lives to an extent that I think you'll find captivating ... and challenging ... maybe even a little bit threatening. If you're a fan of stories like The Beautiful Liar where great powers lead to great complications ... this is where you want to be.

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