How To Set And Maintain Healthy Boundaries as a Highly Sensitive Person


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Setting and maintaining healthy boundaries sounds very challenging for a highly sensitive soul because our boundaries can be full of holes, confusing, or nonexistent. HSPs and empaths need healthy and solid boundaries to be able to create the deep CONNECTIONS their souls need.

Does the idea of boundaries sound kind of confusing to you? Is it hard for you to build healthy boundaries? Do you usually find it difficult to say “No,” just because you are afraid of hurting someone’s feelings or because you are always worried about what people think about you?

Well, you are not alone! Most highly sensitive people are struggling with this issue, operating with polarized boundaries that are toxic and unhealthy, instead of setting resilient ones.

The good news is that you have the power to CHANGE this and learn how to set and maintain healthy boundaries as a highly sensitive person.

In this week’s episode, Lola dives deep into what boundaries are, how they function, what they are made from and how they can help you become a better version of yourself. Plus, we’ll reveal some effective strategies to start building healthy boundaries that will help you develop your amazing POWER to create deep, genuine, and special connections.

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