Are You Gaslighting Yourself?


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Gaslighting, a term you’ve probably seen thrown around quite a bit...but what does it actually mean? Gaslighting put simply, is a pattern of manipulation that causes someone to doubt themselves. Most of the time this comes from outside sources such as family, friends, co-workers, or even our intimate partners, but what if over time this pattern no longer comes from outside sources? What if we began to manipulate ourselves to sow the seeds of doubt in our own minds? Could you subconsciously begin to Gaslight yourself?

As empaths and sensitive souls, we are especially vulnerable to suffer from gaslighting. There is a multitude of ways that we can start to gaslight ourselves, so how do we identify them? How can we learn to decipher what thoughts are from our true selves, and what thoughts are conjured from our own self-doubt?

How do you stop over-rationalizing my intuition, and begin to trust your own gut feelings?

Luckily on this week’s podcast, Lola is going to answer all of these questions and give you tips on how to break free from your inner glass ceiling. Intentions and knowledge are as good as the requisite action, so be prepared to take smoke actionable steps and manifest a change to stop gaslighting yourself.

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