Teach Your Kids How to Sell with Andy Seth


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#038. Today’s guest is Andy Seth. Andy talks about his entrepreneurial journey, from his humble beginnings living in a motel during the first fourteen years of his life, to building nine successful businesses. He talks about his mentality and focus on the pursuit of making money, and when he realized it was an empty pursuit, and the healing process he went through to remove his false beliefs about money.

We discuss his apprenticeship experience with a successful small business owner at the age of 11 and how the FLOW marketing apprenticeship program started off, bringing in 18-24 yrs low-income youth to train them in skills to be productive.

We dive into the four reasons why parents should be teaching their kids to sell, instead of selling for them and how sales is one of the most valuable skills you can earn or acquire. We get into the 3 key sales tactics parents can use to teach our kids, and why relationships are so important when selling and how you can build trust by teaching your kids how to build relationships with intention.

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