Make Finance Fun and Easy Peasy for your kids with 13-year old Rishi Vamdatt


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#036. Today’s guest is Rishi Vamdatt. We get how Rishi first got interested in personal finance when he was only 6 years old, and why he was drawn toward learning more about it. He talks about why he creates content to help kids and beginners, and the top reasons why it is important to have kids learn about personal finance from a young age. He digs into key personal finance concepts that kids and beginners should absolutely be learning about and how they should be putting these concepts into action.

We discuss how Rishi has been able to put these concepts to his own life, including starting investing at seven years old. We cover the common misconceptions that kids (and adults) have about investing. And talk about how parents can foster the importance of having their kids invest at a young age and develop their kids’ mindset around investing at a young age.

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