Helping Our Kids be the Boss of their Financial Future with Jamie Bosse


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#034. Today’s guest is Jamie Bosse. We get into her backstory including how her parent’s bankruptcy in college influenced her decision to become a financial planner. We talk about why money is still a taboo subject and why parents are uncomfortable talking about money. We review money scripts we may be passing on consciously or unconsciously to our kids and some of the common money mistakes that she has seen her clients make.

We discuss the #1 mistake that parents make about teaching their kids about money as well as the biggest mistakes that young parents make with their own financial situation. Jamie discusses strategies that young parents should be taking to be the boss of their own financial future including why right NOW is the best time to invest money in the stock market.

We also discuss what inspired Jamie to write her children’s book series, Milton The Money Savvy Pup and get into detail about financial concepts that parents should be discussing with their kids at various ages (3-5 yrs old, 6-10 yrs old, 11-13 and 14-18 yrs old), to help them be the boss of their financial future.

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