Ep #78: What Is a Reverse Bucket List?


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It’s apparent that the happiest people in life have learned how to achieve balance. But achieving balance is one of, if not the most, challenging thing in life because it’s embedded in every decision we make: our relationship with work; our relationship with food; spending time with family; and the list goes on.

ER Docs have to be masters of balance when it comes to work because if they aren’t, the long hours, intense conditions, and high-stress environment, repeated 15+ times a month for 20-30 years will eventually take its toll somewhere over that period. So while it may be a requirement to find balance career-wise, it’s another to find it in spending. That’s why today’s episode is focused on the concept of a “reverse bucket list” and re-evaluating our personal satisfaction equations to make future spending more intentional and fulfilling.

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