New green savings bonds


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The government has launched its new green investment bond for savers. The money raised will go to the Treasury and it says help pay for existing green priorities such as making transport cleaner and supporting energy efficiency. Individuals can put up to £100,000 into the National Savings & Investments green bond. It will pay 0.65% a year for three years. But there are dozens of similar products that pay a lot more. Is that the price of going green with your finances? We hear from Becky O’Connor, head of pensions and savings at Interactive Investor. If your energy firm has gone bust and you’re on a low income can you still get the £140 warm home discount off your winter electricity bill? We cut through the confusion with the help of energy analyst Ellen Fraser from Baringa consultants. The pensions gender gap is estimated to be more than double the earnings gap between men and women. But why do pensions magnify the disparity between men’s and women’s pay? Why are women losing out? And how can young women today ensure they're not on the wrong side of a pensions gap when they retire in future? Money Box researcher Anita Langary, and Daniela Silcock, head of policy research at the Pensions Policy Institute, explain. And Money Box reporter Dan Whitworth investigates the case of a graduate who has got back the £1100 she overpaid on her student loan — six years late. Sarah Coles, personal finance analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown, explains how to find out if you have overpaid the Student Loans Company, and how to get your money back. Presenter: Paul Lewis Producer: Paul Waters Reporter: Dan Whitworth Researcher: Anita Langary

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