How much should the state pension rise by?


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How much should the state pension rise by? Baroness Ros Altmann says pensioners are being short changed by a government plan to temporarily break the link with earnings. It'll save tax payers billions, but cost each pensioner hundreds of pounds. Baroness Altmann tells how she hopes to block the plan in the House of Lords next week and force a rethink. A Money Box investigation has discovered that criminals are openly buying and selling your financial information online. This data is known as “fullz”. This illegal trade used to take place on what is called the dark web but has now moved to social media and the ordinary web where it's much easier to find. Money Box Reporter Kaf Okpattah has been delving into the "fullz" trade. We also hear from a victim of the fraudsters, from Jason Dyer of cybercrime intelligence firm Scylla Intel, and from Amber Burridge, Head of Fraud Intelligence at CIFAS. People in Northern Ireland are facing even bigger rises in their gas and electricity bills than those in the rest of the UK. It's been described as the "worst energy price shock since the 1970s.” Gas bills have already gone up by 35 per cent in some cases, and there have been big price rises for electricity and heating oil - which most people use in Northern Ireland. More increases are expected in December. We hear John French, the CEO of the Utility Regulator of Northern Ireland. And the boss of one energy supplier says it's up to customers to wear more clothing if they want to keep their bills down. We hear from Bill Bullen, Chief Executive of Utilita Energy, about his Wear Warm campaign and why he says householders should not let their home temperature rise above 21°C. Presenter: Paul Lewis Producer: Paul Waters Reporter: Kafui Okpattah Researcher: Chris Blake

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