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A new plan has been brokered to cut down on aggressive debt collection by bailiffs. Will it work amidst fears of a post-pandemic surge in debt problems? Tesco and M&S are both closing all the personal currents accounts they operate. What does this say about the role of supermarkets as financial institutions, and what should you do if you’re affected? Digital current account provider Pockit says it’s had to freeze around 1,000 accounts due to suspicious activity reports. A number of those customers say they are taking legal action to get access to their cash. And how can a pension fund you have paid into disappear as charges erode its value.? GUESTS: Joe Shalam - head of the Financial Inclusion Policy Unit at the Centre for Social Justice Peter Hahn - Emeritus professor at the London Institute of Banking & Finance Helen Saxon – banking editor at MoneySavingExpert Gina Miller – founder of the True and Fair Campaign Presenter: Paul Lewis Reporter: Dan Whitworth Production Co-ordinator: Janet Staples Researcher: Sowda Ali Producer: Joe Kent Editor: Alex Lewis

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