Building Girls’ Interest in Architecture With Podcast Host and Author Tenille Bettenhausen


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Tenille has been in the AEC industry for over 20 years. She began her career in project, in architecture firms and local offices serving as a designer and project manager. The last 6 years of her career, she pivoted to business development and client relations strategist roles interfacing with clients. Tenille is currently one of the Client Success Manager at Microdesk where she truly believes that architecture and design lifts the human spirit and is a champion of goals that lead to knowledge diversification and consensus-building for Microdesk’s clients. Tenille has a degree in Architecture from Arizona State University and is currently on the Board of Directors for AIA National Associates Committee. Tenille is the podcast host of Death by Architecture, a short story telling podcast centered around true crime in the AEC industry and the author of the upcoming children's book, "Maybe I'll be an Architect" releasing this fall.
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