82. Stay Curious: Former Model Turned Inventor of a Patented Fitness Product with Kodi Berg, Founder of EQUIPT


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Kodi Berg is a former actress and model turned obsessor of making chic weights you actually want to use with her company EQUIPT. Kodi can be found doing leg lifts and child wrangling most hours of the day while sending emails and trying to keep people moving.

I loved our conversation because we had a real conversation about her entrepreneurial journey, which was the opposite of most founders… an accidental one that was born out of her own creativity, curiosity, and personal necessity. She never originally envisioned selling her product yet alone patenting it.

Kodi is driven by emotion and her favorite line “I see something in my head” is what fuels her to move forward with each one of her business ventures. Kodi is a multi passionate entrepreneur and probably the only one I know who can weld metal and steer a cow!

In this episode we chat about

  • Her journey from being a soap actress and model who never worked out to the founder of a home fitness equipment company and owner of a brick-and-mortar ice cream shop
  • How she built a company driven by emotion vs. business
  • What she does to fuel herself - like taking a break to be outside without technology
  • How she involved her family with their decision making process to purchase an ice cream shop
  • Where she gets inspiration for building brands and design
  • And lots of tips for scrappy entrepreneurs!

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