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“Don’t worry about how, the how will come.” Listen as Cayla and her guest Marina Worre, the Co-Founder and CEO of Network Marketing Pro, the largest network marketing training company in the world, discuss the challenges in her life that brought her to where she is today, starting her company and her goal to change the mindset of women plus much more on this episode of the Mommy Millionaire Podcast.

Marina embraced the entrepreneurial spirit at a young age. At eighteen, Marina studied for a degree in economics when she started her first business running her own store. At twenty-one, she joined her first network marketing company. Marina met her husband, Eric, at a company convention in Moscow. Their cherished relationship is built on a foundation of genuine love, core values, and purpose while supporting and lifting each other up.

Listen as Marina shares hitting rock bottom in her early 30s after going through a divorce, picking herself back up after realizing what kind of example she was setting for her kids. She speaks about meeting Eric and how he got her to realize her worth and start over again with their business and in life.

Marina discusses how the pandemic caused them to pivot and rethink their business and their decision to take their message virtual. She talks about building a 25,000 ft studio in Las Vegas to produce their virtual GoPro training and how that has helped their business grow.

Marina believes that network marketing is the best financial opportunity for the average person. She says that if you are someone who wants to work, wants to complete tasks every day, and has drive; network marketing could be a great business for you. Cayla shares that network marketing is one of the few professions that promotes personal development. Are you ready to change your mindset and your life?

Are you ready to completely transform and catapult your life and business? Cayla believes that having a business coach changed her life. Her coach looked at her life and business from the outside with zero bias and pointed out all of her blind spots and gifts inside of her she hadn’t tapped into yet. From that moment on, coaching has been extremely important to her, so she created the Millionairess Society. This new program is bringing affordable coaching to you twice a month, and you get to work one on one with a coach that has been trained by Cayla. If this sounds interesting, go to www.mommymillionaire.co/coaching to find out more.

In This Episode:

  • [03:39] Welcome to the show, Marina!
  • [04:00] Marina shares her background and how it set her up for success.
  • [06:47] Because there are no built in consequences of network marketing, people don’t think they need to do their job.
  • [07:34] What was your biggest fear at twenty-one when you started in network marketing?
  • [10:25] Marina discusses hitting the lowest point in her life in her early 30s after going through a divorce.
  • [12:46] Marina speaks about hating herself because she felt she allowed it to happen to her.
  • [13:19] What were the red flags you should have seen with your first marriage?
  • [15:25] Marina shares some thoughts with women who are working without a supportive spouse.
  • [17:39] Marian talks about waking up one morning and knowing that she didn’t want to wake up with her husband anymore.
  • [19:30] You are a perfect example for your kids.
  • [20:45] Marina speaks about meeting Eric and how he helped her start over again.
  • [23:01] Listen as Marina discusses starting their business Network Marketing Pro.
  • [28:05] What year was your first GoPro Event?
  • [29:34] Marina talks about feeling selfish when she first started her network marketing company.
  • [31:44] Marian believes that women need to work on their mindsets, believe that they can, and build their confidence.
  • [33:02] Marian discusses building a 25,000 ft studio to do their virtual GoPro training and shares her why.
  • [34:10] You have to have a why that is so strong and unshakeable that you will do whatever it takes.
  • [36:31] Marian shares that even though the pandemic was a curse on the other side, it forced them to pivot and rethink their business.
  • [38:23] Marina believes that network marketing is the best financial opportunity for the average person.
  • [39:48] Cayla says that network marketing is the only profession that promotes personal development.
  • [42:47] Marina’s challenge to seven-figure earners is don’t slow down, don’t change what you are doing.
  • [43:42] Where do you see yourself in ten years?
  • [44:35] What do you feel will be your biggest obstacle over the next ten years?
  • [46:30] The law of association says that you are the average of five people you spend time with.
  • [47:54] Marina discusses the coaches they have to focus on personal development.
  • [50:58] Marina shares that your success might be just around the corner.
  • [52:35] Thank you so much for being on the show!

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