MajGen Dale Alford: Advice and Insights From a 37-Year-Long Career in the Marine Corps-A Follow-up to Episode 14


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Just a few hours before he packed up his home and set off to Georgia to retire, Major General Dale Alford sat down with me to offer his final thoughts on his 37-year-long career in the Marine Corps. Listen in as we discuss some of his most noteworthy lessons learned as well as the key things emerging leaders need to know to be successful in their career.

MajGen Alford reflects on the leadership traits and habits he developed throughout his time in the military, the decisions that led to his success (and struggle), and how you can make the most of your leadership role. He shares his thoughts on the worst parts of being a Marine Corps General, how to overcome the constant worry you might feel as a Captain, and the important things you should do before retiring from active duty.

Join me in sending off this USMC legend to a happy and hearty retirement!

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Episode Timeline/Key Highlights:

[04:36] Introducing MajGen Dale Alford

[06:04] What personality/leadership trait do you have that makes you so admired and respected?

[09:21] Advice for leaders who are 1 year away from military retirement.

[12:22] Important things you should do before retiring from the military.

[14:49] What tours or roles would you have liked to try during your Marine Corps career?

[17:57] Advice for Captains who have been put on drill field or recruiting duty.

[22:00] Pivotal points in a leader’s career: What leadership decisions lead to success and which lead to struggle?

[34:20] The #1 factor considered in Colonels becoming a General Officer.

[38:35] The power of mastering your own authority and focusing on your own performance as a Captain.

[42:29] The worst parts of being a General.

[45:27] What should future military leaders be thinking about very carefully?

[47:28] How can we make the Marine Corps reserves more enticing so we don’t keep losing talent?

[49:57] How Dale intends to satisfy his call to service after retirement.

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