242: The Value of Fathers and the Black Voice in Parenthood


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I’m excited to introduce you to my guest, who is doing amazing work with fathers. His work is very important and very needed in today’s world, and he’s working to combat the negative stereotypes around uninvolved fathers. I met him recently at the Postpartum Support International conference, where he won an award for his work, and I knew we needed to hear more from him on the show. Join us!

Reginald (Reg) Day is a Certified Lactation Consultant, creator of the Get At Me Dad podcast, fatherhood expert, and Southeast Michigan IBCLCs of Color. He is the co-facilitator of the Nature’s Playhouse Fatherhood support group and a community health worker. He has also co-facilitated a community-based birth and breastfeeding support group, “Meet, Nurse, Love,” where he has served by mentoring alongside fathers in supporting their birthing and breastfeeding partners. The married father of two children, who were both breastfed, has made it his mission to change the narrative of how fatherhood is viewed in BIPOC populations. Reg lives out his passion for people by serving as an associate pastor at his local church. He is a fatherhood and family advocate who believes that great communities begin with strong families. He makes his home in metro Detroit with his wife and two children.

Show Highlights:

  • How Reg came into the work he does today as a way to reframe his personal experiences around fatherhood
  • How mental health issues carry a stigma in the Black community
  • Why Reg felt unseen, unheard, and devalued as an expectant and new father
  • How therapy became the turning point for Reg, providing an outlet and a healthy way to deal with the stress of fatherhood
  • Why Reg chose to use his experience to help others in changing and challenging the system
  • Why the value of a father can never be underestimated
  • How fathers can advocate for themselves in a system that isn’t listening to them
  • What Reg’s platform, Get At Me Dad, is achieving in educating and supporting fathers
  • What Reg does through his extremely rare role as a Black male lactation consultant
  • How Reg teaches fathers to recognize the signs of postpartum depression and anxiety
  • Why Reg works to get more Black fathers involved to help save communities and bring others out of darkness
  • How the stereotype of Black fathers doesn’t match up with the reality of Black fatherhood
  • How Reg gets his message to the fathers who don’t think they need help and support
  • What Reg wants Black fathers to know


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