237: Pregnancy Loss: Termination for Medical Reasons


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Since October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, we will be hearing stories of people’s lived experiences in these losses, along with experts who support families during these difficult times. While we honor all kinds of loss, today’s episode focuses on termination for medical reasons (TFMR), a pregnancy loss that deserves compassion and understanding. Join us for this important conversation with today’s guest.

Sabrina Fletcher helps grieving parents in the aftermath of terminating a wanted pregnancy for medical reasons. Through community, support groups, and holistic healing, her clients learn to cope with grief and find ways to honor their babies. She chose to work with this specific type of pregnancy loss because she lost her baby in this heartbreaking way in 2018. Sabrina shares her story, as well as mental health concerns that accompany a termination for medical reasons. We will discuss the importance of community, the need to cut through the shame and silence in today’s supercharged political climate concerning abortion, and why there is a lack of trauma-informed care for TFMR patients.

Show Highlights:

  • Sabrina’s story of terminating a very wanted and planned pregnancy with her second child in 2018
  • How her daughter’s diagnosis of several serious issues came at the 11-14 week ultrasound scan
  • How the doctor (in her home state in Mexico) was restricted because of the laws and forced her to choose a plan of action immediately
  • The trauma and frustration that Sabrina went through in making her decision with no support, community, or continuity of care
  • Why the rate of PTSD in TFMR patients is very high
  • Why Sabrina decided to work toward providing support for others in similar TFMR situations
  • Why community is the missing piece for TFMR losses because the loss isn’t acknowledged, recognized, and validated
  • What Sabrina sees as the emotional impact of the silence and isolation that mothers with TFMR losses feel
  • How political and religious considerations play into the emotions of TFMR losses
  • How the shame and stigma around TFMR losses are internalized into emotional distress and hugely conflicting feelings
  • How Sabrina’s work is supporting people for healing and recovery from TFMR losses


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