235: Centering the Mother and Healing with Internal Family Systems Psychotherapy with Rebecca Geshuri and Jessica Sorci


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Today’s episode features a different take on perinatal mental health conditions. It’s a fresh and more expansive perspective on the things that take place in families during the perinatal process. This episode is loaded with helpful information, and I hope you’ll join us to learn more!

Rebecca Geshuri and Jessica Sorci are Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapists, and Perinatal Mental Health Certified. As co-founders of Family Tree Wellness in Silicon Valley, California, Rebecca and Jessica lead their one-of-a-kind IFS-informed group psychotherapy practice that provides counseling, education, and support for people who are in the family-building phase of life. They are wildly enthusiastic about creating trainings and supporting other therapists who want to deepen their knowledge and skill in using IFS and working in reproductive mental health. Most importantly, they are mothers on their own healing journeys who bring their own personal experiences with grief and growing, mixed with creative expression and spirituality to their work. Their goal is to heal the intergenerational burdens that are present in humanity. In this episode, Rebecca and Jessica share with us why perinatal mood and anxiety disorders need to be redefined, how IFS psychotherapy works in perinatal mental health, and why their practice offers training for therapists on the mother-centric approach to therapy.

Show Highlights:

  • How Rebecca and Jessica came into this work with motherhood and the perinatal population
  • What the mother-centric therapy approach includes and why IFS therapy hits the major pain points for new mothers
  • A basic overview of the Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy model, which recognizes and approaches the different parts of a person in a non-judgmental, respectful, curious, and compassionate manner
  • How someone becomes the “identified patient” is and why this person might need therapy
  • Why the new mother should be viewed as more of a hero who is revered rather than merely a sick or broken patient to be diagnosed
  • How perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs) should be redefined to acknowledge patriarchy and shame
  • How IFS therapy and the mother-centric system focus on the shame and inner critic messages within a new mom to unburden her
  • How Rebecca and Jessica look to address both the symptoms AND the shame
  • A look at mother-centric therapy as a contrast to our baby-centric culture
  • How Family Tree Wellness is offering training and resources for other therapists–along with an upcoming book!


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