#494 - Dr Martin Polanco & Michael Higgs - How Does Psychedelic Treatment Work For PTSD?


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Martin Polanco is Founder of The Mission Within and a Veteran Mental Health Advocate and Michael Higgs was Command Master Chief of a Navy SEAL team and is Director of Operations at The Mission Within.

For a very long time, once soldiers have finished in war, their battles have often continued back home. Both active and retired veterans suffer with childhood traumas, life traumas, divorces, opioid addiction, family issues, Traumatic Brain Injuries, deaths of team members, chronic pain injuries and long term inflammation. Martin and Michael believe that psychedelics are an important potential solution to give suffering veterans another shot at a functional life.

Expect to learn how iboga rewires the brain in 12 hours, why Michael held a gun to his head after being out of the seals for two years, the insane pressure placed on Special Forces operators by themselves, what happened when Michael ate 20g of mushrooms on a Native Indian reservation, how to sign up to Martin's current studies which he needs volunteers for and much more...


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