S09E10 Modern Web Podcast- State of Node.js with James Snell


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In this episode of the Modern Web Podcast, host Rob Ocel sits down with James Snell of the Node.js Technical Steering Committee to talk about the State of Node! They begin their conversation by discussing the platform's current place within the JavaScript ecosystem, including how developers are already using it, and how developers might want explore using it in the future. They also talk about new technologies that are changing the state of web app development, and how Node.js is adapting to fill in the gaps presented by factors like edge environments and server-side rendering. James also covers many of the new features offered by Node.js v18, and shares information on how developers who are interested in contributing to Node.js can get involved with the community.

Plus so much more!


James Snell (@jasnell)- Node.js Technical Steering Committee Member


Rob Ocel (@robocell)- Software Architect, This Dot Labs

This episode is sponsored by HARMAN & This Dot Labs.

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