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Carve your niche and build a world around it. Make your biological professional clock your bitch. Don’t complain about what doesn’t work, change it.

These are a few of the qualities of the Modern Gen X Woman.

So when we considered who met the criteria for the 2022 MGXW of the year, Catherine Balsam-Schwaber was the first to come to mind.
Catherine Balsam-Schwaber is a dynamic, results-oriented leader. She has extensive experience in business transformation with complex multi-platform products. From The White House to NBCUniversal, Catherine had worked in leadership positions across multiple categories delivering superior experiences for women of all ages. Currently, Catherine is the CEO of Kindra and a life-long advocate for women’s health

Generation X women are in the height of dealing with the discomfort of menopause. It’s not a walk in the park. The hot flashes, anxiety, weight gain, sleepless nights, the list goes on and on.

The good news, we no longer have to suffer in silence thanks to women like Catherine.
Catherine didn’t complain about what wasn’t working and instead launched Kindra, a radical self-care company helping women through menopause. She is leading the charge to break down the stigma surrounding menopause care and support and empower women in mid-life through Kindra's science-backed formulas and community-building initiatives.
Hot flashes. Weight gain. Irregular periods. Night sweats. These are some of the very familiar symptoms of menopause but did you know, achy joints, tingling extremities, burning mouth and memory lapses were also very real signs of menopause?
Education is critical. For us, as women and for our healthcare providers where only 10% of them actually receive any menopause training. Kindra is collectively leading the charge for menopause education with amazing leaders like Stacy London and Sally Mueller to change the dialogue around women, aging and our bodies.

As a thank you to our listeners, Kindra has provided a 20% discount for you. You can head to

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