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Before we get to the Mockery Manor finale, we're excited to introduce you to another excellent, multi-award-winning series: Earth Eclipsed.

Set in the distant future, the story follows a brilliant neuroscientist on the brink of a galaxy-changing discovery that will save millions of lives - who has her work cut short when she’s kidnapped by a renegade miner.

Earth Eclipsed is a production of the Lunar Company - and if that sounds familiar, it's because they're also the team behind Apollo, the amazing podcast app dedicated purely to fiction. They know their stuff.

We love Earth Eclipsed for its snappy writing, tasty sound design and super lush music - but just to warn you in case their are kiddies around: there are two f-bombs in this episode. stick your headphones on: it’ll sound better anyway.

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Check out the beautiful, interactive Earth Eclipsed website, and the Apollo app - both brought to you by The Lunar Company.

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