Episode 1 - The Mae-Jay


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The Grey Hole- a spiraling mass of bleak energy that drags everything in its path into terminal despondency- and created by planet Earth!

It is the year 2368, one hundred years after the Grey Hole brought in the Dismalocalypse, a catastrophe that spread despair across the Seven Cosmoses and resulted in Earth being exiled from the Cosmic Coalition. But on the hundredth anniversary of the Dismalocalypse, the Cosmic Coalition seeks help from Earth, as Earth has the only spacecraft capable of getting close enough to the Grey Hole to destroy it- a home made ship called the Mae-Jay.

Mission To The Grey Hole, an 8 episode full cast, original sound and effects, epic romp through the seven cosmoses from the award winning Huron City Radio in association with Haberdasher Studios.



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