Church Planting Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them - Chris Faggins


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Church Planting Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them - Chris Faggins

Welcome to Episode 2 of the Mission Driven Budget Podcast!

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Notes From This Episode:

  1. Just because God gives you a big vision doesn’t mean you have to create it by the next day. Don’t try to force your own path to fulfilling the vision. Be patient and let God show you the way.
  2. Stop and drop. Don’t wait to take action until the boat is sinking. Sometimes church leadership doesn’t shut down unhealthy things soon enough. This might mean you need to stop an unproductive area of ministry or stop renting that facility you can’t afford. Shutting down unhealthy activities NOW will prevent more damage in the long run.
  3. When God calls you to plant a church, He’s not calling you to just preach at people. He’s calling you to teach people. A big mistake pastors can make is not teaching people about giving and personal finances because they’re afraid of losing people. What they don’t realize is that teaching people how to manage their personal finances is an investment. That investment not only draws people closer together as a church, but people develop even greater financial ownership of the mission and vision.
  4. Don’t invest too much money into a temporary facility. You should absolutely make the space look nice and fit your needs. But, remember, whoever rents the facility after you is going to tear it all up to fit their needs. Save money by not splurging on tons of upgrades you can’t take with you.
  5. Play the long game. Invest financial resources for long-term impact. Don’t spend money for the appearance of success. Churches have real success because they have been faithful and consistent for many years. Your church plant won’t achieve that level of impact overnight.

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