Let Them Be on Their Journey & Focus on Your Beautiful Unfolding


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It is not easy to allow others to be on their journey without trying to change it for them or wake them up to their power. I have tired so many times and as I share this reminder with you, I know that these situations will continue to resurface. It's a part of my old program that wanted to help people and use up my energy, rather than helping myself first. BUT IT'S ALL GOOD! Each time we find ourselves defaulting to this thinking, we are given a change to reset and shift our thinking back to the understanding that we are all o a journey to our own awakening. The best way to help others is to lead by example and we must allow others to figure it out in their own time. This is the same for you and even if you continue to default to helping others first and putting yourself last, YOU WILL GET THERE. You will have that shift in which you realize that protecting you and your energy are most important. You must care for you first before you can properly give to others. Sending you so much love from NYC! XOXOXOCM PS Peace of mind, more abundance, more self love & more trust in this whole manifestation thing await you in the ✨FREE✨Manifestation Transformation Care Package - Link below: https://www.mindsettomanifestation.com/free-care-package Checkout last last Sunday's video email here: https://youtu.be/BjqnHNXPRZM Follow me @mindsettomanifestation for on hand inspiration and love ❤️

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