95% Vegan, 100% Happy: Goals and Compassion


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Today we're discussing goals, interdependence and compassion.
Nurse Heather faced a challenge that the rest of us encounter. She had a goal that seemed incompatible with her family and environment.
Our goals and our social environment often conflict. In our personal lives, if we want to stop smoking, focus more on studying, or lose weight, our family and friends can present big challenges. In our work lives, too, if we want to meet with teammates daily, get feedback weekly, or honestly experiment- i.e., when failure is possible- our colleagues, customers and bosses can present big challenges.
Compassion, the ability to adopt the perspective of others, is an important mindfulness skill. Highly compassionate people are often great negotiators and compassion can help us persist through many challenges.
As you listen to Nurse Heather tell her story, try to think from a compassion perspective. How is Nurse Heather feeling? What about her friend, her husband, her children?

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