030 - Michael Higgs - Retired Navy Seal on his work with Mission Within providing psychedelic treatment using Ibogaine and 5-meo-dmt


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Michael is a retired Navy SEAL who spent 30 years on the teams. He is now the Director of Operations for the Mission Within, a psychedelic treatment program focusing on special operations and other clients with TBI, PTS, and mild addictions. He is also the Director of Programs San Diego for the Honor Foundation, which is an executive transition program for special operations personnel. Michael recounts his own path to the medicine including his experiences and outcomes. The Mission Within leverages ibogaine and 5-meo-dmt in their treatment protocol so we focus heavily on the way these medicines work. I'm incredibly excited about this episode and this topic in general. It's an honor to play a role in bringing this information to you. Expect much more on this topic to come in the future!

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