1812: Fatherhood With Ben Greenfield


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1812: Fatherhood With Ben Greenfield

  • Has he noticed any parallels in his sons’ personalities or interests to his own? (2:21)
  • Having those interesting, yet important, discussions with your teenage children. (6:17)
  • The challenges of unschooling. (8:54)
  • Building non-privileged children through the Greenfield Family Playbook. (27:29)
  • Going through the rite of passage from boyhood to manhood. (35:45)
  • Why Ben and his wife preach conscious-based parenting. (39:42)
  • How has he addressed pornography with his children? (43:27)
  • Navigating and being the example of being a good man/father. (48:27)
  • Why Ben is writing a parenting book. (53:00)
  • The impact breathwork has been on his children. (57:08)
  • The important habits/practices he has built into his son’s daily lives. (58:37)
  • What worries him about future technologies? (1:03:34)
  • Choose happiness and love. (1:10:49)
  • Does he find his passion for fatherhood growing? (1:16:06)

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