1063: Liver King Is A FRAUD, Calum Von Moger Almost Dies & Scary Diabetes Pandemic


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01:04: Our Untold Shocking Prediction About Liver King

09:36: Calum Von Moger Jumping Out Of Window

15:37: Diabetes Pandemic

  • Type 2 diabetes cases are projected to double by 2045.
  • 20% of deaths in the US are attributable to diet-related diseases.
  • Over 30 years, obesity rates have doubled in adults, tripled in children, and quadrupled in adolescents.
  • whether it's a lack of knowledge, willpower, or access, our unhealthy habits persist.
  • 46% of US adults and 56% of children have a poor-quality diet.
  • Healthy “prescribed” foods could save over $100B in healthcare costs.
  • 85% of US healthcare spending stems from diet-related chronic diseases.

22:34: Nutrition Program 28, Sam Wood

30:00: HIIT studio franchise F45 Training received $150M in debt financing from Fortress Credit Corp. to support US expansion.

32:30: Fitness Fashion Tip

37:05: End: Review

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