Let's Talk Podcasting with Sarah Heeter


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Anyone that listens to my podcast, knows how much I love serving there. It lights me up be able to share business building strategies with you weekly, and the feedback I get from all of you sets my heart on fire. It's such a win/win! This week, I have a special guest, a previous client and podcast manager and strategist, Sarah Heeter on the show, and we discuss ALL the things about starting and growing a successful podcast. She's a regular listener of my show and is now my podcast producer. She gives simple and very effective strategies for anyone either thinking about starting a podcast, or wants to take theirs to the top 2% of all podcasts globally, which is where Millionaire Mamas in the Making ranks. This was a really fun one to record - I think you will love it. Free Downloads: Marketing Blueprint Guide to Journaling Schedule a Discovery Call: Schedule Appointment with Coach Korba (as.me) Website: www.coachkorba.com Social: www.instagram.com/coachkorba www.facebook.com/coachkorba

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