Brave Action Builds Confidence


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I hear women tell me all the time they wish they could be more confident in themselves, in what they offer, in their price, in their marketing.

I think you all think of confidence as something someone is just born with and that if you just knew what they thought or what they did, that you could be confident too.

It doesn’t work like that.

I have coached hundreds of women at this point and if I had to boil it all down to ONE thing that builds confidence, it’s……drum roll please……brave action.

Not just action that feels safe – that will only get you to about 100K.

I’m talking “I’m afraid, but it’s going to make me proud, so I’m just gonna do it afraid” kind of action.

The more times you combine being brave with taking an action in your business, the easier it will get.

Just like running a marathon or lifting weights, it’s can’t be a one-and-done thing.

It needs to be integrated into your days and your weeks until brave action is just something you have normalized, like I have.

You are already brave – you are an entrepreneur.

Now you just need to take brave action more often and BOOM, you will find the incredible confidence you are looking for. In this episode, I go into all of this in depth so you can practice this month and be ready for the first of the year!

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