Ep66. A FEW GOOD MEN: David Cox


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A Few Good Men was inspired by real life events, but the real Hollywood story came many years after…

David Cox was one of the Marine hazers in the real-life story of A Few Good Men. But the actual story behind the movie was significantly different – for example, the hazed Marine did not die – he actually went on to make a full recovery, after a death scare.

Well – one of the Marines who demanded a trial by Court-Martial was David Cox and this is his story. After leaving the Marines with an Honorable discharge, David’s life was tragically cut short a few years later…but who wanted him dead?

Dig in with Margot as she tells you all about the life and death of David Cox.

If you or anyone you know have information about David’s murder, any information, however small can be helpful in this cold case. Please contact the Massachusetts State Police at 617-593-8840.


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