Mapping Out a Plan for Your GI Bill


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September is College Savings Month which is an important part of many people’s finances. For most military members, the GI Bill plays a part in the planning. We often talk about what the GI Bill is and the benefits you receive but what we don’t talk about enough is how to actually use it.

In this episode, I talk with Mike Hunsberger, a Chartered Financial Consultant, and Air Force veteran, about using your GI Bill benefits. Mike launched Next Mission Financial Planning to help military, retirees, and veterans gain control of their finances. Before launching Next Mission, Mike spent 25 years in the Air Force with various assignments in the communications and cyber fields and commanding at the detachment, squadron, and group levels.

Mike shares the planning you should put into using your GI Bill, how far out that should begin, what to do when you have more than one child using benefits, and mistakes to avoid along the way.

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