Terrible Holiday Gifts, Best Trips of 2021 & Planning 2022 Travel!


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Episode Description

In this episode of the Miles to Memories podcast we talk about some of the worst Christmas/Chanukah gifts we have received over the years. Plus Shawn & Mark discuss some of the highlights of 2021 travel including coolest redemptions, best places visited and our favorite moments. We also dive into our 2022 plans, some of the pains of planning almost two years into the pandemic and the many cool things we are planning.

Episode Notes

1:51 - Worst Christmas/Chanukah/holiday gifts we've ever received

6:30 - Travel in 2020 and 2021 was all a blur

13:30 - MtM Diamond meetups were a highlight

15:05 - Making thousands of dollars & great memories in Michigan

22:10 What we're most looking forward to in 2022 travel wise

25:31 - Difficulties of committing to 2022 travel

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