Master Plants, Gnosis, and The Apocalypse w/ Jason Grechanick


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Plants truly are our food, our life, our medicine, and they are alive and here to help us learn from them. They can open us to a world that we perhaps never could have imagined: the world of who we are. When we approach them with respect, honor, humility, and a genuine desire to learn, they can open the doors of life and heal us on all levels.

Todays guest is my good friend, Jason Grechanick. Jason works as an ayahuasca facilitator and a tabaquero in the Peruvian Amazon, and Sacred Valley. He is the host of the The Universe Within.

A podcast delving into plants, plant medicine, consciousness, holistic health, wellness, and myriad related topics. His podcast gives voice to the doctors, shamans, guides, facilitators, visionaries, anthropologists, linguists, researchers, and wisdom-keepers working on the ground day in and day out within their respective fields.

His wisdom is derived from his own challenging experiences, his travels around the world, his continual work and study with plants like ayahuasca and tobacco, apprenticeships with indigenous healers, his practice of Jiu-Jitsu, Yoga, meditation, and his study of Buddhism, Native American traditions, libertarian philosophy, health, nutrition, religion, spirituality and many more esoteric practices. I always enjoy chatting with Jason.


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