The Best Show Ever 12-6-2022


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The word of the day is unhappy, as in for some reason, despite the Eagles being 11-1, and the Phillies getting Trea Turner, there ar still some fans who are unhappy, and the BSE crew opens the show trying to figure out why these people feel that way, and make a plea to them to stop being that way (0:00).

They continue that conversation about negative fans, and explain why there is no good reason to so negative, and hit the phones to see how the fans feel (12:57).

Phillies PBP Announcer Tom McCarthy joins the show to weigh in on the Trea Turner signing, and what else the Phillies may do in free agency (1:05:10).

They take more calls, and continue the conversation of how great the Phillies and eagles can be, and why there are still some unhappy fans despite that, and ask the Question of the day which is what is more likely, a Phillies World Series, or an Eagles Super Bowl (1:15:46).

Then it is time for What’s Brewing with Jen where she shares 3 recent weird and interesting news stories (1:57:49).

And they close out the show with your calls, and Ricky Bo unfortunately falls for the old Benjamin Dover prank (2:07:05).

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