129 - Anne Cloud Interview


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Anne Cloud has been writing her own story for a long time: from moving to New York days after college graduation (without a plan) to buying an old school bus on a whim with a hope of converting it into a tiny home on wheels. She has gone her own way in her voice over career as well. Striking out with a vengeance into the genres that interest her most and actively seeking out the people who could help her achieve her goals. Anne lives in a 200 foot skoolie with her husband and three small kids and traveled full time for nearly two years, pulling a cargo trailer decked out with a broadcast quality remote studio along with them. This set up allows Anne to work full-time as a Voice Actor from wherever they happen to land. Anne has had the opportunity to train with incredible coaches and friends, and work with dream clients like The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Kia Worldwide, and Khan Academy Kids.

Living and traveling in a converted school bus with her husband and three wild monkeys, this versatile and colorful voice talent enjoys the flexibility her sweet gypsy lifestyle gives her to work anytime, day or night. Whether she’s winding up a mountain in her tiny home on wheels, rambling through the desert, or parked at her North Carolina farm, Sweet Gypsy VO is always ready to go.


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