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Growing up on the outskirts of Memphis, Tennessee in a large extended family, Roy Worley learned the art of storytelling from his grandpa, Paw Neely who instilled a strong sense of family, hard work, and a love for Christ. As an extrovert, Roy loves being around people, talking and laughing over a strong cup of coffee. These days Roy and his wife Rebecca call the Chicago area home.

After earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Education, Roy felt God’s calling upon him to commit full time to preaching and teaching the Word of God and entered Mid America Baptist Theological Seminary in his hometown of Memphis where he earned a Master of Divinity degree. Over the years he has served as both a pastor and foreign missionary. He and his wife were privileged to live in Chile for six years where they shared the Lord’s message in Spanish (yep, he’s fluent), helping Chilean Christians learn how to study the Bible for themselves and how to share their faith with whomever was interested.

Now, when not working as a full time voice actor, Roy is the Pastor of Fellowship Baptist Church where he has the privilege of teaching the Bible, supporting his fellowship with love and kindness, and ministering to those who are hurting.

His warm, clear, baritone voice can be heard narrating videos, directing people in phone messages and narrating audiobooks (non-fiction, fiction, western novels and kids books).

Roy is honored to call companies and organizations like Tiffany & Co, Firestone, Pizza Hut and Wounded Warriors his voice over clients and publishers like HarperCollins and Macmillan have tapped into his deep baritone well for audiobook narration as well!

When not recording, Roy enjoys lifting weights, expanding his creativity by spending time outside in his large backyard planning his spring vegetable garden and creating beautiful landscapes of vibrant flowers, shrubs and trees. He also loves to imagine he’s on his own DIY home improvement show, refinishing and repurposing old furniture and remodeling his own home, embarking on what he calls his “fifty year remodeling plan”, which his wife promptly gifts him with a loving roll of her eyes.

While Roy has travelled widely and lived in several different countries, his warm southern charm and ubiquitous sense of humor are still his faithful companions.

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