Forget About People-Pleasing – Break Through the Fear and Start Setting Boundaries with Val Selby


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Every one of us has had that moment where someone in our lives stepped over the proverbial line. They did something or said something that was the last straw. That was probably a pivotal point for many of you...that time when you realized a boundary was crossed. But what if you live your life with no boundaries, and you're such a people-pleaser that even when people go too far, you sit back and silently let them?

On this episode, my guest is Val Selby. Val had horrible boundaries with a 'friend' who constantly took her for granted and was always the receiver in the friendship, not the giver. When she decided to set boundaries with her, it didn't go over too well. But Val did it — she set her boundaries and stood her ground. Today, Val still believes in having boundaries, and she has learned to embrace her bold new life. ________________________

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