Part 5: What Remains? A Rock, A Fence And A Silver Lining


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In our final episode of The Story of Tanasi, and our last episode of the season, we’re back at the lake to find out what this story means for people today. People who went through the battle to save the LittleT still gather, hailing from all around the country. And what about that “stupid little fish,” the snail darter (Percina Imostoma Tanasi) around which the whole story revolved? Today, the case of the snail darter is taught in law classrooms as an introduction to the Endangered Species Act, because “It set the terms.” The snail darter is now surviving in other tributaries maintained by the TVA, but that is not without consequences. And the Cherokee, who were the first people to rule this valley, are slowly finding their way back, ironically thanks to the taking of their ancient land for the Tellico project.

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