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The art of handling cattle is just that - an art. Working with the next generation of meat processors and how they're handling animals is key to consumer trust, and compliance. Charitee Seebecker visits with Kurt Vogel from UW-River Falls about a pilot project their starting focused on humane handling of animals in the meat processing industry.

If you haven't done your grocery shopping yet for Thanksgiving - get ready. As expected, this year's meal will cost a little more compared to last. Terry Moore with the American Farm Bureau Federation says one change up they've seen this year is packaged foods have gone up in price as well!

Water levels are at drought-level lows on the Mississippi River. One riverboat captain that tries to help people understand what that means is Jimmy Cheatham. He says they're still moving grain and product up and down the Mississippi, but it's taking more time, boats, people and money.

The latest Cattle of Feed report from USDA spooked the marketplace with the lowest level of cattle placed in October. Lots of discussion that there won't be enough cattle to process by this time next year to keep facilities running for a full five days. John Hineberg, market advisor with Total Farm Marketing fills us in.

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